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How to choose your VTC Marseille rental ?

Vous souhaitez louer un VTC Marseille ? Sachez que les offres sont nombreuses. Vous devez donc tenir compte de vos besoins et attentes pour être certain de faire le bon choix. Ainsi, vous devez déterminer à l’avance la catégorie de voiture de transport VIP qui correspond le mieux. Global Transport VIP est disposé à vous proposer des services de qualité.

Today, the VTC Marseille rental offers are becoming more and more numerous as the choice of provider; vehicle and options can quickly turn into a headache. But know that the more you choose this option, the more you will get experience in the field. Before making a reservation, it is essential for you to take times to compare all available offers and find the one that suits the best to your needs and expectations. Here is a practical guide that will allow you to choose your Marseille VIP transport car :

What are the different categories of Marseille VIP transport cars?

To be able to save money, it is very important to adapt the rental car which can satisfy your needs. If you have planned to hire a Marseille VTC to provide a Marseille airport transfer as a couple, the small car would be the best choice. This is both practical and economical, it saves you from spending too much money on petrol, and allows you to move around the city easily or even park in tourist places without any problems. If you plan to travel with families, a small car is recommended as well. Only, it cannot bring too much luggage. On the other hand, if you have to travel with the stroller, the kilo of diapers and the famous elephant comforter, you would suit you to opt for the size above, in particular the for wheel drive..

Quality services from a Marseille VTC rental agency

For your Marseille airport transfer, join an agency specializing in the field of Marseille VTC rental such as You will have a wide selection of vehicles that you can hire during your stay in Marseille. The rental contract and the additional insurance depend on the duration of the service you wish to have. Depending on the rental agency of your choice, you can choose a car at the best price and perfectly adapted to your needs.